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Pro-Inwest' company was set afloat in January 1996. It provides complex services in scope of:


  • Qualifying training and courses
  • Consulting for companies
  • Research projects
  • Occupational counselling
  • Employment service
  • ESF assistance projects


The success of Pro-Inwest is the result of achieving models based on providing services for realization of which is responsible specific and prepared for the task team.

The company employs the highest quality of specialists with many years of experience, therefore connecting knowledge and competence with a modern field of activity. Appointed in this way, the team acts with precision in satisfying individual needs and the demands of the customers.



Our training is individualized and customized collectively and individually alike. In the case of training addressed to companies they are effective and specifically respond to occurring company doubts, challenges and problems concerning chosen area of functioning of the company. In our offer there are the following kinds of training:


Among other things we offer training and workshops of competence in the field of


1. Human resources management

·      Team building - building synergistic teams

·      Leader and group

·      Negotiations in business

·      Effective human resources management Efficacious motivation system


2. Management of the company

·      Workshop in writing applications for EU grants

·      Time management

·      Logistical management

·      Management of quality

·      Management of projects

·      Workshop for management of conflict

·      Modern management in a contemporary company

·      Creating culture of the company

·      Workshop for trainers and consultants

·      Leading general and business meetings

·      Psychology in the work of a manager

·      Effective management of resources

·      Implementation of changes

·      Agrobusiness and leveraging money from the EU fund

·      Polish enterprise on the European market, funding activities from the EU funds


3. Personal management

·      Autopresentation and

·      Workshop of managerial skills

·      Interpersonal communication training

·      Creation and creativity course

·      Mindmapping, mnemotechnic and spreading memory course

·      Assertiveness in manager's work

·      Dealing with stress training

·      Dealing with anger training

·      Psychological stress determinants


4. Sale and marketing

·      Professional workshop for traders

·      Academy of sale

·      Negotiation and sale techniques

·      Techniques of social influence

·      Management of marketing and promotion

·      Merchandising

·      Professional customer service

·      Advanced training of psychological skills in contact with collective and individual customers

·      Crisis intervention and relation with difficult customers

There is the ability to make (on client's request) multimodular training programmes of foreign language training able to be incorporated.



Pro-Inwest's research team consists of specialists in scope of sociology, psychology, economics, econometrics, labour market, law and marketing. High Quality of conducted analysis is ensured by cooperating with our team of statisticians and information technologists.

We offer a vast array of research services with use of various methods and techniques. Methods and research tools used by us in practice are adapted to customer's needs and possibilities. We conduct research analysis in scope of

·      Individual people - social research, customers and consumers

·      Corporative- economic entity, enterprises and

·      Trade and service organization - posts and drain of distribution


We offer a full range of research including:

Research from primitive sources;

·      Quantity research - supplies measurable information allowing refer achieved results to the whole examined population

·      Quality research- concentrates on quality description of the reality, allowing to understand behaviour of individual and institutional subjects;


Desk research - allowing for collecting and analysing data from GUS, industry institutions and organisations, research centre, governmental agency, as well as unpublished and originated from difficult data sources.

Final effect of research is reported including detailed description, analysis and exegesis of results and graphic exemplification of results.



Occupational counselling is for us the process in which our career counsellors help customers better understand themselves with reference to their work, in order to allow the realistic selection, change of employment or achieving proper professional adjustment. We offer individual and collaborative employment service for:

·      Unemployed and looking for job

·      Children, teenagers and students

·      Employed but changing place of employment

·      People who want to run their own business



According to our company, active employment service, it is effective to associate appropriate candidates with employers. We are proud of competence of accurate selection of candidates for the prospective place of work, preceded by consolidating process of recognition of professional competence and qualifying preferences of the interviewee. Actions of our team mostly directed into the brunt of industry and available forms of employment on the market in which there are viable chances to find a job, taking into consideration groups of beneficiaries for whom process of employment agency are realized. We act analogically in case of companies' recruitment.


We offer qualifying and vocational courses in scope of

1. Computer service

·      Basic computer service

·      Computer graphic and website designing

·      Computer network administrator


2. Office service

·      Administrative-office worker

·      Office service with use of computer database

·      Professional secretary

·      Director s assistant


3.   Accounting

·      Basic accounting

·      Revenue and income book

·      Computer-aided accounting

·      Tax law


4.  Human resources department and payroll

·      Human resources department and payroll

·      Use of "Pfatnik" programme

·      Labour law

·      HR specialist


5. Trade

·      Cash register and IT-aided invoicing

·      Professional salesman

·      Sale representative

·      Modern retailer



We recommend outdoor and team building training as irreplaceable integrative trainings, selecting leaders, teaching cooperation in the group, making decisions in stressful situations, teaching the art of negotiations and breaking the anxiety barriers. We offer one or more days' training in attractive places around Poland and abroad. Training is held in the area depending on the scale of difficulty, demanding from participants to make collective decisions, defeating their fear and supporting each another in team actions.

Other kinds of tasks that we offer in addition are

·      Driving off-road vehicles

·      Quads

·      Paintball

·      Shooting

·      Efficiency competition

·      Specialist research such as powered hand gliding or paragliding, Indian Village, parachuting and bungee jumping.



This department prepares and implements professional and innovative appliances in HR in relation to

·      Describing and evaluating work position

·      Planning personnel in traditional and alternative occupational forms

·      Reduction-selective systems

·      Rapid implementation of new workers procedure

·      Employee's assessment system

·      Motivational system

·      Promotion paths and reserve human resources department system

·      Research of instructions' necessity and training politics

·      Research of employee s opinion and function of human resources

·      Preparing and realization of outplacement programs

Specialists employed in our company cooperate with internationally reputable training and consultative companies, as well as recognized in our country and abroad Silesian universities. Thanks to this, our company join knowledge and competence of leading western companies with practical experience acquired in Polish market.



We realize successfully projects co-funded by the EU in the European Social Fund and the European Regional Development Fund to support the development of Vocational Education and Training.


We are the prize-winner of"The best investment in a man" -"Good ESF practices"contest organized by Grazyna Gęsicka- Minister of Local Development.We were selected from over 300 institutions, organizations and companies.


The Department for ESF Assistance Projectsexecutes projects co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund.


Examples of projects under the Human Resources Development Sectoral Operational Programme and under the Integrated Regional Operational Programme are related to helping people threatened by social exclusion and involve the performance of studies and analyses: 

·      “Temporary employment as a way towards the correct functioning and efficiency of companies” ESF, RIOP 2.1;

·      „To be or not to be a temp. An analysis of the functioning of  a worker in temporary employment” ESF, RIOP 2.1;

·      „ Investing in the future. Social and professional activation of people in penitentiary isolation” ESF, HRD SOP 1.5;

·      „ Sentenced to success – professional reintegration of women leaving penitentiary facilities” ESF, HRD SOP 1.6;

·      „Women as a trade leverage. Professional integration and reintegration of women” ESF, HRD SOP 1.6;

·      „Hip youngsters in the cool society. Social and professional integration of the youth” ESF, HRD SOP 1.5.

Examples of projects executed within the framework of the new programming period funded from the European Social Fund, Human Capital Operational Programme, include:

·       „The Winner. Social and vocational development of addicts” ESF, HC OP 7.2.1;

·      „Social cooperatives in Silesia. Promoting and disseminating the idea of social; entrepreneurship” ESF, HC OP 7.2.2;

·      „The Pearl. Social and professional integration of women threatened by social exclusion” ESF, HC OP 7.2.1;

·      „Social cooperatives as a chance for vulnerable groups” ESF, HC OP 7.2.2;

·      „Flexible over 50s. Flexible forms of employment in the Małopolska labour market as
a chance for the ageing society” ESF, HC OP 7.2.1;

·      „Skills Academy” ESF, HC OP 7.2.1;

·      „Active. Social and professional reintegration of women” ESF, HC OP 7.2.1.



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